Monday, September 2, 2013

August 2013 Recap

August certainly had its ups and downs. there were a few days of super giddiness, and a few days full of sadness. but, in the end, everything will be good.

new belt. new jeans. favorite shirt. {American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend jeans in Clean Dark, Target belt in blush, Target texture v-neck tee}

skull earrings from World Market. they're teeny tiny!

Lily Bay Boat Launch.

clovers at Lily Bay Boat Launch.

Tart Cherry Lane! I've wanted this picture for months.

I think this was probably taken at the Door County Boat Launch.

stormy night at the Door County Boat Launch. I was loving this seagull, which totally reminded me of Finding Nemo (:

school supply shopping at Target! I went back to get the purple zebra notebook, but they were all out :(

awkward hand posing and super outgrown nail polish, but I loved this fun printing on Lindt's Caramel Brownie chocolate stick from Target.

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