Thursday, October 3, 2013

my first Nature Box! {September 2013}

I first heard about Nature Box on the Internet, on someone's blog. I saw an ad stating that I could get half off my first box, and of course I couldn't pass that up! A few weeks after I signed up, this pretty box was waiting on my back porch for me!

What is Nature Box? Nature Box is a subscription that delivers wholesome and delicious snacks to you every month. I may or may not have chosen my snacks for the next month on the day I received my box. What can I say? I'm pretty excited! This definitely beats going to the grocery store.

There are three different size/price options, and I chose the smallest option, which is five snacks for $20. There were actually six in my package, and I'm not sure if that's a normal occurrence, or if it's because this is my first box. Either way, it comes out to $4 a snack {including shipping}, which is pretty much on par with what I would find at my grocery store, only there is much more variety with Nature Box.

First look!

These stickers are so cute!!

The first snack that I tried was the Masa Crisps. Truthfully, I wasn't too sure how much I would like them, but I thought that they were really good! I think that the flax seeds give them a little kick, but it's not overwhelming.

For breakfast the next morning, I had a little bit of my favorite Honey Vanilla Greek yogurt that I wanted to finish, so I added some of the Vanilla Macaroon Granola and Cherry Berry Bonanza.

The granola really does taste just like a macaroon! And the dried cherries and berries are really good too!

I love the little descriptions/suggestions on the back.

There are some bits of toasted coconut and almonds in here!

I love the colors in here.

Bonus welcome snack!

Chocolate, cherries, nuts, and granola.

I wasn't too sure how much I would like the Pistachio Power Clusters, since I don't really eat a lot of nuts, but they were okay.

According to the little booklet, one serving size was three or four clusters.

When we would go on road trips when I was younger, I remember that my dad would get some spicy corn nuts snack sometimes when we would stop at a gas station. That's what these reminded me of! They're really crunchy, and I like the corn flavor.

Does Nature Box sound like something you would like to sign up for? If you use this link to sign up, you will receive 50% off your first box (and so will I)!

Do you already have a subscription to Nature Box? What is your favorite product?


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