Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Month by iPhone: September 2013

how is it already October?!? here is a glimpse of my Instagrams from this past month (:

breakfast with Ozzy & Geri {strawberries with strawberry raspberry Greek yogurt and granola}

my mom and I decided to drive up north on Labor Day. we had lunch at Casey's BBQ...

...where we ran into my friend Heather! I love her shirt so much!

stripes & strings

OmmWriter love

sitting in an empty lounge at school

front desk flowers from one of the owners!

changing leaves by my parking space

oh, you know, just a bagpiper playing on the balcony at work

adorable baby pumpkin from a guest who went pumpkin picking! our first fall decoration (:

I received my first Nature Box, and I am hooked!

vintage plate at work!

white towels, folded.

I love me some Ruby James (:

right hand ring

yes, there are peppers in this bouquet and also some leafy plants that look like lettuce.

**if you use that link to sign up for Nature Box, you will receive 50% off your first order (and I will too!)


1 comment:

  1. I loved all of these! Your pictures are so pretty and artsy. I can finally see what the tree looks like in the lobby! I wish I had a Mac so I could use ommwriter. I've heard so many good things! And a bagpiper is super random.


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