Tuesday, October 22, 2013

on failure

here's a picture from nearly two weeks ago that I never shared. I kind of wish that I had a ladder and no traffic so that I could get a really good shot of those curves.


I feel like I am such a failure when it comes to blogging lately. one of my twenty while twenty goals was to blog at least twice a week. I did blog twice last week, but I feel like I didn't do enough. one post was to let you know that I was doing a giveaway on another blog {which is still going on}, and the other post was a guest post from the lovely Nicole.

then yesterday, I was planning to do a "hello" post {like Lisa Leonard's}, but then I never did.

there are two main reasons that I feel like I am slacking.

1. I have been busy! it seems like October is always a crazy month in my life, and this year was no exception. I worked six days in a row last week. one of those days included a day waiting for our reservation program to work again after our computer crashed. and we had to switch over to Windows 8 on our new computer, and it is crazy weird! what can I say, I'm a Mac girl...

I spent most of yesterday working on homework. I like to stay ahead/on top of things, unlike some of the people I go to school with. that might sound rude, but I truly dislike not being able to finish my homework until four hours before it is due because I have to wait until there are posts on our discussion board that I can comment on. I honestly don't understand why people wait until so close to the deadline to get things done.

next week is going to be a crazy one, so I should probably plan ahead to get my two posts in!

2. that said, I'm lacking inspiration! I loved blogging with Blog Every Day in May and Blogtember because there was a prompt that gave me something to write about! you should leave me some questions or suggestions on what to write about; I would really appreciate that!


Totally Posted Tuesday


  1. You're not a failure AT ALL! You're awesome :)

  2. Lacking inspiration is the worst. I go through spells with that too sometimes! And a great way to continue blogging (if you want to) while still being able to work and be in school is scheduling posts ahead of time! I work full time and I'm in grad school at night, and I would never be able to blog if I didn't schedule things out. I also will quickly draft a post when an idea comes to me, then go back and edit later on. I hope that helps! xoxo

  3. That picture is BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love it!

  4. I am guilty of this too. I've been so sick with my gallbladder that I intentionally scaled back my blogging to once a week. I feel like blogging so seldom is holding my blog back from reaching it's full potential. I think you should do inspiration snap shots like the one you just shared. Post pics of things that inspire you and why.


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