Friday, November 29, 2013

November 2013 Nature Box

I mentioned last time that I wouldn't be picking my snacks again, but when I received an email from Nature Box stating that I should choose my snacks before they got shipped, I logged in and chose five items.

Once again, I wasn't very happy with my choices.

Flax Fortune Coins :: These are so adorable; they remind me of little pancakes. The above picture isn't the greatest, because it doesn't show that there are actually quite a few visible flax seeds in each little cookie. I don't even really like fortune cookies, so I don't know why I chose these. They're okay. They're crunchy and sweet, with a little kick thanks to the flax seeds.

Cocoa Waffle Wafers :: I really wanted to like these. I mean, they're chocolate. But, in my opinion, they are really dry and taste like they are burnt. Nutella corrects the problem though. (:

Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix :: I am on a total trail mix kick right now! This one is pretty good, but I wish there was more chocolate in it. (:

Dried Pears :: These are really good. I like dried fruits, so of course I enjoyed these. I love how the one ingredient on the back of the package is "pears." It does bother me the way that some of these are cut. As you can see in the picture, there is a stem attached to one of the slices.

Cherry Vanilla Granola :: I love granola! I don't have any yogurt in the fridge right now, but I've just been eating this out of the bag. This granola reminds me of the macaroon granola I tried in September. While some of the granola is cherry-flavored, I have only found two of the {super delicious} dried cherries so far.

I'm already looking forward to next month's Nature Box. I plan on trying the dried peaches!


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  1. Too bad about the chocolate waffle things. They looked yummy!


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