Monday, February 3, 2014

The Month by iPhone: January 2014

I still don't understand how January can already be over. This year is already flying by! It was a really cold month here in Wisconsin!

One of my favorite snacks is a sliced apple with Greek yogurt and granola!

I've been writing in the Happiness Project journal for almost a year now, but I just started reading the book! I haven't gotten very far yet though.

I love this boomerang drawer liner!

Magic Music

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Pat on the Black - read more about my experience here!

There were some water drops on my moonroof when I pulled out of the garage one morning, and by the time I parked at my destination five minutes later, I could hear it cracking as it froze!

pretty pink flowers in a mason jar on an orange boomerang counter

a rare picture from me inside our church. there are some beautiful stained glass windows on either side, which someday I will have to sneak a picture of.

Razorcake always has cool covers!

As of January 25th, I have been driving Luna for three years!!

I just really love ice-frosted windows.

a rare selfie, because I was wearing a hat (which also rarely happens!) {ps I hate the word selfie}

 I thought it was pretty funny that my outfit matched the diner at work!

I am totally going back to Target to buy this after Valentine's Day, when it will be on clearance! It's red velvet!

best bookmark.
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  1. I love the ice on the window picture!


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