Wednesday, September 3, 2014

35/52 2014

Labor Day weekend is of course busy in a tourist destination, especially when you work at a hotel, but I had some time to watch two movies this week! I finished up some prep work at the Y as well, and even had a day off! Here's a little look at the past week.

Wednesday 27 August // day two hundred thirty-nine :: weekly library trip. I finally watched Frozen. A Bad Case of the Stripes is one of my favorite children's books, and Fraidy Zoo is a new favorite! {Also pictured are Elements of Style [current read] and The Bear Who Shared.}

Thursday 28 August // day two hundred forty :: deciding what to wear the next day

Friday 29 August // day two hundred forty-one :: we didn't get a lot of rain until the end of the summer, and then when it did rain, it poured!

Saturday 30 August // day two hundred forty-two :: tomatoes!

Sunday 31 August // day two hundred forty-three :: I reorganized the top of my dresser earlier this week, and now you can actually see everything that's on it!

Monday 1 September // day two hundred forty-four :: I found a reindeer!!!!!

Tuesday 2 September // day two hundred forty-five :: Wisconsin has the best ice cream. this one is salted caramel and chocolate covered pretzels!


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  1. Victoria's Secret Pink Dogs?! My son loves them. Is that weird?


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