Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day 2014

Labor Day was pretty laid back. The two holidays that I have never had to work are Memorial Day and Labor Day, so it's nice to know that I have two guaranteed days off during the peak season. And they're great ones to have, because all of the tourists are headed south! (: This means that traffic is much nicer heading up north and there are less people around, which I like.

The morning was pretty relaxing and I just worked on some stuff at home and watched Cupcake Wars. (: Hulu gets one new episode a week, and I felt so bad for the guy who dropped his cupcakes on the floor fresh out of the oven in the first round! I also signed up for Stitch Fix and I am impatiently waiting for my first fix.

After I had lunch, I got ready and drove up north so that I could go horseback riding! I was so excited! The weather app that I have on my phone was predicting thunderstorms, so I checked on the radar a couple times and saw that it looked like there would be an hour or two that was clear. I got to the stable, and I saw some horses and I was so excited! There was only one other car there, but when I walked to the office, I saw that there was a note that said that they were "closed due to weather," and I was so disappointed.

I started driving away, and then I saw a reindeer! So I had to stop and take a couple pictures.

I headed up north a little bit and stopped at a wayside because I noticed that the leaves were starting to change. Some of them are already falling off the trees. We've had a cooler summer, so I'm not surprised that it's going to be an early fall.

I was standing on the side of the highway to take these pictures. Crazy girl with a camera! (;

I went a little bit further up the road, and I stopped at an antique place that I've never been to before. They had these awesome vintage motel chairs outside (I totally want a set, and these are the perfect color.), and I ended up running into my landlords inside.

I drove north again and stopped a couple more times, and then headed back south. The traffic heading south wasn't bad at all around 2:30.

When I got home I made some cupcakes! I found a cupcake mix at Target in Green Bay a couple months back, so I made those. They're chai latte with cinnamon chips and vanilla bean frosting. I used my KitchenAid hand mixer for the first time! (: I generally sub applesauce for oil in recipes, in case you're wondering what's in that upside down matryoshka!

I almost forgot to add the egg. That wouldn't have worked too well.

Then I had to wait for them to cool so that I could make the frosting and frost them.

I was a little nervous at first when I made the frosting, because it was pretty clumpy at first, but it did come together. I tried to pipe them, but that didn't work out too well. I need some frosting lessons.

I lounged around and worked on some blog posts and such, and I had dinner while I watched Tangled. I did eat fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water today, too!

The sky was starting to turn golden during the lantern scene, and that's when I caught this one.

It was a pretty relaxing night that ended with some laundry, cleaning, and reading!

--- --- ---

Remember the summer bucket list? Here's how it turned out:

1. go horseback riding. - obviously didn't happen. I was supposed to go on an earlier day, but then there were some schedule changes and it didn't work. we're planning on fall, but the stable's hours might not let that happen... we shall see.

2. watch the sunset on the water. - every time I try to plan this one, it doesn't happen. the times I was on the water, it was too cloudy for a sunset. I guess technically I caught a tiny bit of the sun setting on the water one night when I got out of work a couple minutes early.

3. pizza at Wild Tomato in Fish Creek. - this one happened on Memorial Day!

4. Disney/Pixar movie "marathon" - I watched two of the movies I wanted to see: Frozen and Tangled! I still need to see Toy Story 3 and the Princess and the Frog!


ps: I finished writing this while listening to the Beatles (:

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  1. Pop the frosting into a ziplock bag. Snip the tip of the bag off and gently squeeze the part with the frosting in it. It'll come out pretty!


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