Monday, September 1, 2014

The Month by iPhone :: August 2014

Oh, August. You came and went so fast this year. It seems like the summer just began, but now it's already over. August means my birthday and the end of camp. My schedule is going to seem more regular for me now, but it's still going to be pretty busy. My classes start this week at the Y and I'm pretty excited to see who I'm going to have this session! Here's to hoping that it all goes well.

I actually didn't change my calendar until the second. Oops!

hoses hanging to dry at the fire station. I loved documenting camp field trips this year.

princess birthday balloons!

at the USCG canal station. the lighthouse looks so tiny!

what I wore on my birthday {Forever 21 tee // Gap colorblock belt // American Eagle skinny jeans // Converse}

princess roses because everyone knows that I am a princess.

don't give me flowers, because I will just take pictures of them all of the time.

we took the kids bowling at Apple Valley Lanes. it was so weird being the only people there.

Groundskeeper Frappe from Copper Rock Coffee in Appleton. it tasted just like an Oreo!

more mini golfing at Egg Harbor Fun Park.

obligatory first legal drink photo (;

I was refilling the mints in the lobby at the motel, and I noticed that some of them are smaller and not circular, so I had to be annoying and take a picture.

that's a child doing a cartwheel. I wish I would have caught her with both hands on the ground and legs in the air, because that would have been a cool picture.

we took the kids to Cherry Blossom Park, and I just thought that the trees looked pretty.

one of my favorite views.

hey, steel bridge...

final day with our campers. we took them to Otumba Park.

cute little bottle opener (:

new leaves

feeling small

I watched Frozen and painted my nails (:

I've already started spotting fall leaves, which is so weird since it's still August. But it's been a cooler summer this year.


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  1. I love Frozen.


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