Wednesday, September 24, 2014

38/52 2014

finally settling into the school year routine of work and teaching at the Y. it was another busy weekend because of a fall festival in Sturgeon Bay, and on Monday I drove down to Oshkosh for some shopping. the sky was so perfectly beautiful during the day and then later as I left the Y and the sun was setting. I wish I had pictures because the colors were just so vibrant.

Wednesday 17 September // day two hundred sixty :: my shoes tend to end up on the floor between jobs.

Thursday 18 September // day two hundred sixty-one :: breaking into a new NatureBox! {check out what's inside here}

Friday 19 September // day two hundred sixty-two :: coloring time. (: {these printables are from Tried and True}

Saturday 20 September // day two hundred sixty-three :: a few years ago, as I was working on the laundry at work, I updated my facebook status to "laundry is a never ending cycle." I didn't even mean for it to be a pun, but it really does never end...

Sunday 21 September // day two hundred sixty-four :: I finally updated to iOS 8, but only because I had some apps that wanted to be updated. I don't really use anything from the update.

Monday 22 September // day two hundred sixty-five :: I drove down to Oshkosh to do some shopping. I really wanted to get some new shirts and cardigans. the only thing that I bought that resembled clothing is this scarf from World Market {also in orange and purple}. and I found the little trinket tray at Francesca's, which I had never been in before. it's really annoying that I want to buy clothes but everything I find is at least one of the following: not something I like, too expensive, or something I like but couldn't really pull off.

Tuesday 23 September // day two hundred sixty-six :: these are a few of my favorite things (you know you just sang that too)


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  1. I can't update to 8, not enough room!


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