Wednesday, November 5, 2014

44/52 2014

oh, what a week. it was so wonderful to have some of my dear friends here, and I now miss them so much. it's funny how having them here for such a short period of time becomes so normal, and then once they leave, it's devastating. I just need to focus on all of the fun and the love, and it will be okay.

Wednesday 29 October // day three hundred two :: if you've been around here for a while, you may remember my friend Delaney. a few of us found this squirrel, and we were quite fascinated by the fact that he was just sitting on the windowsill. apparently he was scared because he didn't know where his mom was.

Thursday 30 October // day three hundred three :: a little violin with Julia before dinner.

Friday 31 October // day three hundred four :: Ruby brought everyone some paper straws for Halloween.

Saturday 1 November // day three hundred five :: not the greatest picture since it was taken on auto, but this is the perfect reminder from our second line parade.

Sunday 2 November // day three hundred six :: pumpkins outside the apartment. when I returned home from work, they were all spread out by the doorway.

Monday 3 October // day three hundred seven :: finally changed the calendar.

Tuesday 4 October // day three hundred eight :: newest books. {104 Things to Photograph // Hyperactivitypography from A to Z // Women in Clothes}


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  1. I cannot believe it's November already!


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