Wednesday, November 19, 2014

46/52 2014

sometimes it just feels like I just keep moving and don't stop to take a look around. I think that's what I need to work on for this next week.

Wednesday 12 November // day three hundred sixteen :: I liked my blue peacock feather infinity scarf so much that I bought the purple one too. (: [orange here] {and of course they're on sale now...}

Thursday 13 November // day three hundred seventeen :: when I want something sweet, I often whip up a batch of Number 2 Pencil's Perfect Single Serving Size Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Friday 14 November // day three hundred eighteen :: canvases!!! (:

Saturday 15 November // day three hundred nineteen :: I didn't realize that making mashed potatoes used so many arm muscles! I made them like at Texas Roadhouse, so they have peels and aren't perfectly smooth. I froze them (and they thawed a little weird) and then I baked them.

Sunday 16 November // day three hundred twenty :: currently reading: Shopaholic to the Stars & Women in Clothes. I started reading the Shopaholic series when I was 12, so I am always very happy to see a new one! Women in Clothes is a really great read as well. It's really long, but it's all different little stories and interviews, so it's going pretty fast.

Monday 17 November // day three hundred twenty-one :: I've always enjoyed reading Door County Living, and I would flip through Door County Magazine when we had copies at work. Door County Living has always (as far as I know) been a free publication that you can pick up at many places in the area, and now the same is true for Door County Magazine! This is the Best of 2014 issue, and I was happy to see that some of my favorite places won!

Tuesday 18 November // day three hundred twenty-two :: this picture doesn't really show it too much, but the light was just streaming into my bedroom.


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  1. Are those your photos on the canvases? So pretty.


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