Thursday, November 20, 2014


a Christmas wishlist of sorts...

these are going to be on sale for Black Friday for $20 (half off). I might have to swing by there on my way home from Thanksgiving, because I've wanted one for a while.

they sell these by the pair in store. I really want the gnome ones!

I for sure don't need any more totes... but it's EAP!

I just really love fun socks.

I like pretty books.

I may not want my own dog, but I do love Bostons & Frenchies!

I love the bright vintage pictures in this one, but I'm also considering Cupcakes or Dr. Seuss!

I've rented this lens (so I've used it before), and I really like it. I would also like to get a "more professional" camera body.

I don't really need a new iPod, but the one that I have (which is three years old) doesn't always respond when I press the home button, no matter what I am doing. I like to scroll through Pinterest or read BuzzFeed on my iPod before falling asleep. it's totally unnecessary, I know.

I really want to try their ice cream, and I love chocolate mint everything!

more frivolous wishes on Pinterest.


1 comment:

  1. more knee high socks!


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