Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Volkswagen PSA

the problem-causing picture

I had a field trip for work last week that involved my driving up to Fish Creek to pick up a pie at a closed pie shop. (They were expecting me.) I knocked on the door and picked up the pie and all was good. I had brought my camera up north with me, because I figured that I would wish I had it if I didn't bring it with me, and it wasn't like I was going to wish that I didn't bring it with me if I did bring it.

I went back outside with the pie and my camera in the same arm as my purse. Wait, let me word that better. I had my purse at my elbow on my left arm, with the pie box balanced on that arm, and my camera in my hand. (The guy I got the pie from suggested that I put the camera around my neck.) I got back out to my car and opened the passenger door, setting the pie on the passenger seat and putting my purse on the floor in front of it. I closed the door and went to take a picture of the sign, since when I tried to take a picture of the sign when I got there, my camera was being weird and beeping, which it turns out happened because it was set to self timer.

I take the picture, and I hear my car beep, meaning that the doors locked. I realized that I didn't have my keys, as they were in my purse, and I freaked out. I went and tried to open the doors, but they were obviously locked.

Thankfully, I had my phone in my pocket, and I was able to reach my dad, who called a locksmith for me. I was so embarrassed because I know (I wrote about it here) that my car will lock automatically after a short period of time if the driver side door isn't opened or the car isn't turned on.

It was 25 degrees out, and thankfully I was wearing a hat and gloves, as I ended up walking around the parking lot for half an hour while waiting for the locksmith. My feet were giant ice cubes though, since I was wearing Converse.

My car got unlocked, and fifty dollars later, this has solidified the lesson that I always need to have my car keys with me if my car doors are closed.


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