Wednesday, November 12, 2014

45/52 2014

a few pictures from this week. it's been pretty precipitous (I wasn't sure that that was even a word!) and kind of dark...

Wednesday 5 November // day three hundred nine :: cooking view.

Thursday 6 November // day three hundred ten :: it was too dark to take the picture that I wanted to take, so this happened when I saw where I had set my camera down. I really need to do some dusting!

Friday 7 November // day three hundred eleven :: the picture that I was hoping to take the day before. I finally colored and hung up my Edgar Allan Poe quote. {print here}

Saturday 8 November // day three hundred twelve :: an accurate portrait of me from one of the musicians.

Sunday 9 November // day three hundred thirteen :: my World Market order arrived the day before!! I love that everything has a sticker with the initials of the person who packaged it; it makes it seem more personal. {scarf. lotion. I also got magnets, but they are sold out.}

Monday 10 November // day three hundred fourteen :: in case anyone needed a reminder, I'm not a good cook and I am a worse food photographer. but, alas, this is my only photo from that day.

Tuesday 11 November // day three hundred fifteen :: not five minutes later, the entire balcony was covered in a white dusting. hopefully it doesn't stick.


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  1. We probably won't get snow here till after Christmas :(


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