Monday, June 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: May 2015

I don't understand how this year is flying by so fast! didn't it just start? now we're at the beginning of summer and nearly halfway to 2016! how is that even possible?

May started with a drive down to Madison to see some friends for a day, and other than that, it's been a lot of planning and preparing at both jobs for the summer!

Luna looks so pretty after getting a full clean! I don't really have a messy car to begin with (as there's nothing in there), but I absolutely hate cleaning the floormats. Thanks, Brian!

I had to drive down to Madison on the second for a fundraiser at the Goodman Community Center. The part of the center that we were in looked to be new, but this other building looked like it use to be an old train station. Those steel beams in the upper picture are above the playground, which was really fun. (:

I bought this candle from Target, and I just love it! It smells just like the Victoria's Secret PINK fragrance that is supposed to smell like whipped cream. I also love how bright the candle is when it's burning.

I love this tulip standing alone.

the beginnings of cherry blossoms.

I think that the road was open by the time that they took this picture, but my point was that there weren't any "road closed" or "road work ahead" signs giving any warning until you were less than a block away from the road work...

new Walter's Dogs paintings!

I just love this skull shirt, not that you can tell that it's a skull in this picture.

I don't often park next to other cars, but when I do, it's probably another Beetle.

my new cow friend. all of the other cows were just lounging around, but this one stood up when she saw me taking pictures.

more cherry blossoms, a little bit more than a week later.

vintage giraffe cocktail stirrers!

from "Gus" Klenke Garage in Ellison Bay

two vintage chair pictures in three hours because I can't help myself. this one is for sale at a thrift store in Sturgeon Bay.

$333 - a sign from above <3 <3 <3

Bruiser likes me (:

just normal things at the Y...

I felt kind of like a human x-ray. to quote my friend Charlie Cheney though, "It's what's inside that counts. Bones are very important."

whiskey and butterflies. {Tattly tattoo here}


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