Thursday, December 3, 2015

48/52 :: 2015

wow, what a week. Thanksgiving with the family was slightly more laidback than usual, and it was a nice time. I won Candy Land and my sister shared with the family that she and her husband are expecting their second baby. on Friday, I got to spend some time with some of the #songfamily, and then it was a quiet weekend. I heard some exciting news on Monday about a great apartment becoming available, and by Wednesday I knew that I would be moving there at the end of the month. it's pretty crazy that situations can change as fast as they sometimes do!

Thursday 26 November // day three hundred thirty :: Things to bring to Thanksgiving dinner (Taylor's Christmas outfit, cookies, brownies) and a stack of library check-outs.

Friday 27 November // day three hundred thirty-one :: Every time I take a picture of the snow, it melts.

Saturday 28 November // day three hundred thirty-two :: Friday night involved spending some time with a few members of the #songfamily. Earlier in the day, I had seen Wade and he was doing two nice things for someone else, and after he left, I realized that I should have given him stars! I ended up getting to see him later in the night, so I told him that he needed two stars. He said he only deserved one of the stars, so I let him pick one and he chose blue. He ended up putting that star on my nose, which I was not happy about, so I put the gold one on his nose, but he later moved that one to my forehead. I did manage to get a platinum one onto his jacket pocket. Aaaaaand I totally just noticed that I need to wash my tablecloth.

Sunday 29 November // day three hundred thirty-three :: I got to see Barrett on Friday, and we ended up having a conversation where he convinced me to get my guitar back out and play it for five minutes every day. I haven't gotten to the playing part quite yet, but it's out of hiding at least.

(29 and 333 are both important numbers to me, so it's very wonderful that they fell together on the same day.)

Monday 30 November // day three hundred thirty-four :: I drove to Baileys Harbor for the sole purpose of going to Bearded Heart Coffee. I drove around a little bit to take pictures as well. This is Meadow Lane.

Tuesday 1 December // day three hundred thirty-five :: ahh... December.

Wednesday 2 December // day three hundred thirty-six :: this was one of those "the only picture I took today was out of focus!" pictures. (:


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