Tuesday, December 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: November 2015

I nearly forgot to write this intro...

Well, November was an interesting month! It started off with a very long night with some wonderful people, and I was able to go out a few more times throughout the month to spend some time with parts of the #songfamily. I also spent some time with family at Thanksgiving, and there were Monday adventures in between.

big huge thanks to the wonderful people at the Inn at Cedar Crossing for letting us in a few minutes before they opened. going out for breakfast at seven means that we didn't sleep. whoops.

thanks, dancing.

three black stars for luck on my camera. here to stay. thanks to Teflon for making them for me. <3

I was so happy to find the last one in the Target clearance. I actually hung this up on the day of the dead, which is the second, not the first like I had thought!

beautiful maple leaves and the smell of autumn.

"or peas... I like peas too."

lunch at Coyote Roadhouse!!! (delicious bbq pulled pork)

new sunglasses <3

stripes of sunlight.

brick love.

lobby friends.

there were some pretty incredible sunsets this month... unfortunately, especially since the sun sets so early right now, I don't really get more than this for a view.

Lake Michigan mornings.

hiking on some Door County Land Trust property along the canal. yes, this is what I wore.

same place, different day. same subjects, different angle.

not everyone is allowed to leave a mess for me to clean up.

I straightened that painting to take a photograph, but the I took the photo at an angle anyway...

same room, the next day after realizing that the wrong chair had been in there for a month!

a dusting of snow on the way for getting Luna's snow tires on!

 baking Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles from Sally's Baking Addiction for Thanksgiving!

I totally won Candy Land (:

thanks to a conversation with the very convincing Barrett, I got this beauty back out.

Meadow Lane, Baileys Harbor

my Influenster Spice VoxBox arrived in the mail! I can't wait to try and share these products!


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