Thursday, December 17, 2015

50/52 :: 2015

how is it possible that every week towards the end of the year seems crazier than the week before? it was a really dreary week weather-wise, with warmer temperatures that brought rain. so strange.

Thursday 10 December // day three hundred forty-four :: when people know you so well, part one. I didn't even know that you could buy bottled old fashioneds! thanks, Jaybo. <3

Friday 11 December // day three hundred forty-five :: apparently this is December. the temp is in the 40-50 range...

Saturday 12 December // day three hundred forty-six :: when people know you so well, part two. sugar skulls and notebooks. thanks, melaniejane! <3

Sunday 13 December // day three hundred forty-seven :: gold stars are something I cherish and they're really a big deal in my life, as they symbolize my #songfamily. this one got stuck to me during Children's Liturgy of the Word and stayed there all day. <3

Monday 14 December // day three hundred forty-eight :: vintage ornaments will always be my favorite.

Tuesday 15 December // day three hundred forty-nine :: planning Sunday's lesson for Children's Liturgy of the Word + gift from one of the moms in gymnastics + giant mess on dining room table = real life.

Wednesday 16 December // day three hundred fifty :: catching up on yesterday.


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