Thursday, November 26, 2015

47/52 :: 2015

we're closing in on the last month of the year. how is that even possible? this year was an interesting rollercoaster, but I guess there are still five more weeks to get through to find out what else is going to happen. I still have Christmas shopping to do, a vacation to plan for early next year... my head is spinning just thinking of all of these things to mark off of the invisible to do list.

anyway! happy Thanksgiving! tell someone you love them.

Thursday 19 November // day three hundred twenty-three :: grey skies. it was a pretty dreary day, if I remember correctly.

Friday 20 November // day three hundred twenty-four :: pretty sure that this Oliver Jeffers illustration from The Heart and the Bottle will be my next tattoo.

Saturday 21 November // day three hundred twenty-five :: a stack of preschool books, which has since grown but there are also three or four less. (that makes no sense, Teresa.)

Sunday 22 November // day three hundred twenty-six :: yesterday's mail for some upcoming short trips.

Monday 23 November // day three hundred twenty-seven :: the first dusting of the snow of the season. it was gone a couple hours later.

Tuesday 24 November // day three hundred twenty-eight :: new unicorn keychain!

Wednesday 25 November // day three hundred twenty-nine :: I am always the one who gives everyone stars. I went out on Tuesday night, and I owed Morgan some stars because she did a bunch of work for me (cleaning the toaster, the sink, and the counter along with washing the dishes). she then proceeded to share them with all of us who came out to meet her.


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