Monday, January 11, 2016

1/52 :: 2016

I guess I am doing another photo a day project. this time I'm giving myself a few days to get them edited by posting on Mondays instead of having to edit things the night before posting. we'll see if I can make it through for a third year in a row. (:

Friday 1 January // day one :: a fun morning on five hours of sleep for the second day in a row. not feeling the best after too much fun the night before. anyway. trying to get little red (aka Velvet B Mine) into some more pictures this year. xD

Saturday 2 January // day two :: old planner, new planner, and five year journal. part of my mornings. (:

Sunday 3 January // day three :: I am so in love with these bricks, as I'm sure we will see for as long as I live here. it was kind of hard to straighten out this picture because I forgot that in old buildings, not everything is perfectly parallel/perpendicular to everything else.

Monday 4 January // day four :: bedroom. <3

Tuesday 5 January // day five :: so I still haven't practiced... but I love that it sits out in the corner here.

Wednesday 6 January // day six :: I was awoken at 3:15 am because they were clearing the snow off of the sidewalks and into the street. fun times.

Thursday 7 January // day seven :: one of my coworkers gave me a couple plants because her husband said that she had too many. I love having windowsills even though I only have four little windows!


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