Monday, January 4, 2016

52/52 :: 2015

here we go, the end of the year! I'm not quite sure yet if I'm still going to be doing this 365 project next year. I would like to, but then sometimes I feel like it's too much to remember to take the pictures and edit them and post them. I don't know. That makes me sound lazy.

I want to say that it was because of the move that it took me a few days to get these last few pictures edited and posted, but really that's only about half of it. the other half is that I had way too much fun with my friends on the 30th and 31st. (:

Thursday 24 December // day three hundred fifty-eight :: snowless Christmas. (on the way to my grandparents' house to celebrate)

Friday 25 December // day three hundred fifty-nine :: every year, my aunt makes approximately a dozen different cookies and sweets for Christmas. she brings a tray to our celebration for everyone to eat there, and then every family gets their own box. but my box is my own box because I am unattached. (: the peppermint ones are my favorite.

Saturday 26 December // day three hundred sixty :: it's weirdly difficult for me to get rid of this little reindeer.

Sunday 27 December // day three hundred sixty-one :: it's so strange to see my things disappear from this apartment as they move to the new place.

Monday 28 December // day three hundred sixty-two :: a very important and fragile box.

Tuesday 29 December // day three hundred sixty-three :: we got our first real snow on Monday night. it was really windy, so it was mostly just drifts.

Wednesday 30 December // day three hundred sixty-four :: moving in.

Thursday 31 December // day three hundred sixty-five :: this view.


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