Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Luna Lovebug :: five years together

yesterday was a very special day for me and Luna. the first time I ever drove her was January 25, 2011. I drove the GTI to my dad's office before school that morning, and then when I went back over after school to get the keys (I was parking there because I was borrowing the car from his automotive business, which was right across from the school.), he told me that I could take "the pretty car." the Beetle had been there for five weeks getting cleaned and detailed and a new windshield, and it was previously owned by one of our traveling musician friends.

it was a Tuesday, and there was a home swim meet that night. I had this grand plan that when I first got to drive the Beetle, I would drive over the steel bridge for the very first time and go to Glas for a strawberry smoothie, so I did just that.

it was so weird for me to drive an automatic after driving a car with three pedals for the past nine months. it took me a few days to get used to that. I also messed up the driver side window on that first night because I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to roll it down, as they were still working on the door. whoops.

here's a picture from that very first day! baby Teresa at seventeen. (:

I thought that this picture was from 2011, but I guess I only took it in 2012.


so back to 2016. I ran some errands and went over to Glas between a few of them to get a vanilla chai latte. a little reminiscing music on the iPod.

as I was leaving Target, I decided that I wanted to go to the lake to take some pictures since I had my camera with me. I drove out and parked at the US Coast Guard station, and then I walked down to the North Pierhead. the only time I have ever been down there was with my camp kids, so I was excited. however, I kind of forgot that it would be pretty icy because it's in the water and it's winter. it was sort of unsafe. I only went out about three-quarters of the way because the ice was getting worse and I didn't want to fall.

and a picture of my favorite sign at the canal station...

finally, a dirty Luna.

here's to many more adventures together!


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