Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the month by iPhone :: December 2015

the end of the year! crazy how things changed so fast this time around. most of the month was spent getting ready for the move at the very end of the month, but then there were also some holidays in there and spending time with great friends (and having a little too much fun). of course I was also working! taking a couple weeks off of the Y for holidays really made me confused about what day it was.

perfect words of wisdom.

forgotten but not lost.

legs of steel.

sometimes this is what happens when I'm checking rooms... I thought it would make a cool image.

yes, I enjoy sitting on the floor.

Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

when your favorite Boy Scout brings you alcohol (;

made it better. gold stars forever.

dog 629 decided he had had enough.

black and grey with a touch of pink.

Bruiser the love doggie. he's so tiny that the tennis ball is too large for his mouth and he carries it by the fuzz!

Christmas present wrapping.

instead of camp planning, I ended up making 120 jingle bells for a swim meet...

mint chocolate chip cookies! I use Betty Crocker's recipe. (:

canvas details.

starting to move, with a raven skeleton.

deep dark red for Christmas.

tub resurfacing quarantine.

bringing more things to the new apartment. this was actually the second thing to go on the wall. (the first was my nevermore mirror.)
{print here.}

a slow Christmas shift.
{print here.}

 new shoesh, as Piper would say.

always only a ring away.

an important and fragile box.

when you don't have enough boxes and don't really care.

moving in a Volkswagen Beetle. fun times.

creepy yet beautiful.


goodbye 2015. you've taught me a lot.


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