Monday, January 25, 2016

3/52 :: 2016

when I decided that I would do these posts on Mondays instead of Fridays, I thought that it would give me more time to get the photos edited and into the post with words attached, but here I am, doing it on Sunday night... someday I might learn.

anyway, I took a tiny trip down to Chicago to see my friends for a couple days, so my camera made it not only out of the apartment, but also out of the state this week. (:

Friday 15 January // day fifteen :: I rarely take pictures in this room since it's so dark, but here's a look at what's on top of my dresser. shortly after taking this, one of my canvas prints fell off the wall, so that's there now too.

Saturday 16 January // day sixteen :: walls and a doorway. I don't know, I just like looking at things in weird ways.

Sunday 17 January // day seventeen :: on the road again for a couple days.

Monday 18 January // day eighteen :: a new home away from home. thank you, Chicago friends. {you might recognize the bass from photo number five on this post.} it's less of a tripping hazard in their living room instead of ours. (:

Tuesday 19 January // day nineteen :: mornings at aloft.

Wednesday 20 January // day twenty :: a giant stack of library books because I'm not good at pacing myself or theming lessons.

Thursday 21 January // day twenty-one :: reading materials.


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