Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Month by iPhone :: January 2015

January began ringing in the new year with great friends, then continued with working and photography. it ended in Florida on vacation getting to see some lovely friends!

the never-ending climb

lazy Wednesdays {reading We Were Liars}

vintage juice glasses

ice webs

took me two weeks to get a calendar up! (:

I love that yellow stripe of sky.

I love the rose on that spoon.

Wee Read & Wiggle in the morning, photos and a drive in the afternoon.

photography fun

Cave Point. perfect colors that day.

early morning flight into Detroit means watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan!

it wouldn't be a trip to the south without Chick-fil-A!

I totally fell in love with the floors in my room at the Hollander Hotel. these are truly the floors in my dream house. I love honeycomb tiles (and the bathroom walls were vintage tiles), and the wood floors were perfectly glossy too.

third floor hallway at the Hollander. I love these little bubblers. I heard a couple guys walking by talking about how they were urinals, but I'm pretty sure that's a water fountain?

stairwell at the Hollander.

lunch at Central Perks. the ladies who were working were delighted by my request for a peach strawberry smoothie.

stairway extension at the Dali.

breakfast in the sunshine at the Hollander.

love affair with palm trees.

lunch at a strip mall. the crust on this pizza from Sam Remo's was perfectly crisp yet soft.

driving Marshmallow the Nissan Versa Note and waiting on the bridge.

standing in the Gulf of Mexico for the very first time.

Hubert's strawberry lemonade. I had to grab a bottle when I saw it at Fresh Market in St. Pete. It tasted more like juice than I would have expected, unfortunately.

gorgeous views at Fort de Soto Park.

sunset on the Gulf of Mexico. it was cloudy, because of course when ever I plan on seeing a sunset, it isn't clear. I walked off the beach a few moments too soon, because once I got back to the car, the sky was pink and purple.

it was so wonderful to see my dear friend Geri play at Reno Downtown Joint with her band!

lunch at the Hangar, critiquing landings and takeoffs.

champagne at the Canopy, which has an incredible view.


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