Wednesday, June 18, 2014

24/52 2014

wow. what a week. lots of craziness and lots of stress, but lots of fun and music too. I'm glad that the stress is over, but I wish that my friends were still here.

Wednesday 11 June // day one hundred sixty-two :: this is Charlie. he's working on writing a chord chart.

Thursday 12 June // day one hundred sixty-three :: typical DanO.

Friday 13 June // day one hundred sixty-four :: Party on the Bridge Tonight! (:

Saturday 14 June // day one hundred sixty-five :: Monument gave me the chills big time.

Sunday 15 June // day one hundred sixty-six :: remember Vee, who I gave a Cinderella bandaid to when he broke his nail? he put it on his guitar head! {original picture in this post}

Monday 16 June // day one hundred sixty-seven :: this Boom Chicka Pop is addicting!

Tuesday 17 June // day one hundred sixty-eight :: this banana is ready for a smoothie, and I am ready for some photo inspiration!


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