Monday, June 2, 2014

The Month by iPhone :: May 2014

May brought a few changes, the biggest of which was moving into my own apartment! I crossed two items off of my Twenty While Twenty list this month, and one item off of my summer bucket list! (:

May Day. Pretty skies in the morning before sprinkles in the afternoon.

The first thing I unpacked at my new apartment was magnets for the fridge!

{Instagram magnets from Social Print Studio}

Moving with a Volkswagen Beetle took a few trips, and I burned a lot of calories with all of the stairs that I did that day. There were also lots of heavy things lifted. Good thing I stretched my muscles with a KinderCubs class that morning!

Kitchen, day two. Pictures on the fridge, Audrey Hepburn calendar on the wall, KitchenAid on the counter instead of hiding in the basement...

little walk by the water.

red awnings and my favorite sky.

another pretty sky and some hot chocolate on the balcony.

temporary resting place for a few things. I have to figure out how and where to hang my Geri X drawing!

cigar box bass!!

my first piece of mail at the new apartment came from the lovely Kim Manning! sorry about the address, Kim! (:

 waiting to be hung: Delaney Davidson signed poster, sunrise photo by my dad, painting by my aunt

time for Wee Read & Wiggle! this was a farm-themed day.

 new bed, new sheets {bedding from Target's "children's" section // IKEA sheepskin rug}

I love the brick walls downtown.

I certainly wish that I could afford some of this beautiful vintage Simmons furniture. I guess first I would have to know where to find pieces in such great condition!

I love when people leave funny messages on the fridges at the motel. (:

sweet thank you for a birthday present (:

Converse / American Eagle Skinny Jeans / Gap colorblock belt / Mossimo Supply Co. cardigan / Mossimo Supply Co. v-neck pocket tee

 Nikon girl with a Canon printer... this will be interesting.

Vee needed a bandaid, so I gave him a Cinderella one!

the tulips opened up!

my uncle always has interesting mugs

another similar outfit: Mossimo Supply Co. v-neck pocket tee // Gap colorblock leather belt // American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend jeans // Converse // Forever 21 colorblock cardigan

 it finally warmed up, so I had to take a screenshot to document that!

this was taken right after the screenshot. it was so beautiful outside!

I had been wanting this skeleton key doormat from Target, and there was a coupon on Cartwheel, so I finally got it!

I had to take a picture of my Converse (which have been hanging out in my closet for a few months) before they got beat up.

I picked up the last of my stuff from the house. I really miss having a garage to park in, and I know I will be really missing it this winter.

another tulip (: the other ones shriveled up and died :(

I got another set of magnets from Social Print Studio! I love their products, and their shipping is super fast! I ordered these on Wednesday and they were on my fridge on Saturday!

our bulletin board at work (:

I went to the grocery store after work, and I thought that it was really funny that the potatoes were covered with blankets. I guess they had a long day and were pretty tired (;

favorite Dr. Seuss quote! {from Happy Birthday to You!}

ham & pineapple pizza at Wild Tomato in Fish Creek

goats on the roof at Al Johnson's in Sister Bay

I thought that the chairs at the Door County Visitor Bureau were picturesque.

Honeycrisp apple chips from Wood Orchard Market!

YMCA mornings...

sunset view from my balcony. it was actually more purple than this shows.

I went and got my second tattoo on the twenty-ninth. that raven means a lot to me. that's a freckle, not blood, I promise!

my order from Sevenly came in the mail, and this little card went right on my fridge. the shirt that I bought was to support To Write Love on Her Arms, and it's a navy v-neck tee wit that Beauty design.


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  1. Photo happy this month? :) that pic of the bridge=gorge!


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