Thursday, June 19, 2014

Volkswagen Problems

Let's just take one brief moment to appreciate my outfit choice (circa March 2009). I hated those Transition lenses and that coat, but I thought that my shoes and my Vera Bradley tote were so cool. {This photo was taken at the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie, WI.}

Moving on.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Luna, and the GTI before her, but there are just some things about Volkswagens that you have to be prepared for if you are looking to purchase one.

{Please note that all statements in this post and on this blog are my personal opinions and experiences.}


1. In order to actually lock all of the doors, the driver door must be closed. I guess that's supposed to be a safety feature so that you don't accidentally lock your keys in the car by locking the car with the button on the inside of the door when you get out.

2. That said, if you don't start your car soon enough after unlocking it, it will lock again. Okay, let me try to explain that better. Often when I go shopping, I will unlock my car and put my purse and groceries or whatever I bought at Target on the passenger seat. When I close the door, I need to make sure that I have my keys in my hand, because often times it will lock, and I don't want to lock my keys in my car!

3. After market alarm systems. Ugh. The GTI had an after market alarm system, which caused a couple problems, one of which was obviously my fault. I killed the battery a few times by accidentally leaving the lights on when it was still kind of light out because it wouldn't ding to remind me. The other problem was that sometimes if I got in the car and made a phone call or something before turning the car on, the alarm would go off. That was crazy and really annoying.

4. Also related to the battery killing, if the key was left in the ignition, the radio would stay on, which was unnoticeable since I would just listen to my iPod, without it being plugged into anything. This is the same for my Beetle, which still has the original radio and alarm system.

5. People punch each other when you drive by. Okay, I honestly find this hilarious.

The saddest part of this picture is that I actually traced these; they weren't drawn by hand. This was for a project in French IV three years ago.

All in all, I love my VW and the only non-Volkswagen car I could see myself driving is a Mini Cooper. I love parking next to other Beetles at any chance that I get, and flashing peace signs at other Beetles on the road.


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  1. I've heard the transmissions are a b**** when it comes time to fix them though?


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