Wednesday, June 25, 2014

25/52 2014

a week of getting into the summer rhythm...

Wednesday 18 June // day one hundred sixty-nine :: this was the first day in a very, very long time that I didn't have plans! I stayed in my apartment all day and just hung out and relaxed. I made the moistest very vanilla mug cake from Table for Two, but it didn't turn out very well for me. It was spongey and didn't have a lot of flavor.

Thursday 19 June // day one hundred seventy :: NatureBox arrival day!! {see what I got here}

Friday 20 June // day one hundred seventy-one :: this squirrel friend was just hanging out on the railing of my balcony.

Saturday 21 June // day one hundred seventy-two :: I love trying to match my socks to the rest of my outfit, and my favorite kind of socks are animal print! (:

Sunday 22 June // day one hundred seventy-three :: sometimes I don't like to put my shoes away.

Monday 23 June // day one hundred seventy-four :: it's been pretty rainy the past few days, but it cleared up today, and I took this picture shortly after the rain stopped this morning.

Tuesday 24 June // day one hundred seventy-five :: having a snack between jobs. {and yes, the plate is in focus, not the apple or the knife...}


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  1. I'm having an apple right now :)


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