Monday, June 9, 2014

Apartment Tour

If I waited until everything looks just the way I want it to look, I knew that I would never end up taking any pictures. I just moved the clutter out of the way (except for the dishes in the sink, oops.). It's not much, but it's all mine.

The first thing you see upon entering is this painting that my aunt painted for me for my sixteenth birthday. The bathroom is straight ahead, bedrooms are to the right, and the kitchen, living room, dining room, and laundry room are to the left.

I'm not sure why this light switch next to the door has a different plate on it, but it's cuter than the other boring yellowish ones!

This is my coat closet. Since I don't have a garage, this is where my car paint and bicycle and motorcycle helmets get to hang out as well. The bag to the left has some winter hats, gloves and scarves in it, but most of my scarves are in the closet in my bedroom. It's so weird for me to have all of my shoes in one place! I used to have most of my shoes in my bedroom, and a few pairs down in the dining room. {My old house was built in the early 1900's and there were no built in closets.}

Here is a closeup of the painting and you can see the bedroom doors there.

There are some random things in the dresser, and then on top are a couple pieces of pottery that I painted years ago, a wooden cross, a piece of pottery that my aunt made, and some flowers from my babysitter's wedding a few years ago.

There are a few concert posters on the wall, and the candle was made by my cousin. I painted the chair in the corner a few years ago, and the bag on it has some random stuff that I never got around to unpacking. haha. Otherwise, this room is pretty bare.

{square pillow + pillowcover - IKEA // cupcake sheets - ShopKo? (a few years ago) // shelf headboard - Verlo // poster frames - Target // posters - signed by the artists themselves (: // candle - Whiteout Wicks // dresser - made by my great-grandfather? I've had it as long as I can remember}

My bedroom is on the corner of the building (I live upstairs in a four-plex.), so it's much quieter than when I was sleeping in the guest room for the first week before my bed arrived. The cube bookshelf on the left has CDs, cookbooks, yearbooks, a few journals, my Children's Liturgy of the Word book and notebook, and a few knick knacks. The other bookshelf has my French, restaurant, and hotel textbooks and work and then the rest of my books. My dresser has a few fun things hiding behind those pictures. There's another candle (but it's in a holiday glass), a Vintage Avon cologne bottle shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle, and a few animal print Victoria's Secret PINK dogs. There's also a ceramic T and a bottle of Marc Jacobs' Daisy, which was a high school graduation gift.

{bookshelves - Target (cubes // 3-shelf) // frames - Target (not sure about silver one) // sheets, comforter, pink pillow - Target // square pillow + pillow cover - IKEA // sheepskin rug - IKEA // bed frame - Verlo // dresser - was once my dad's // The Happiness Project journal - amazon // cigar box "purse" (contains some stationery, stamps, stickers, etc. - gift from a friend}

I'm not a big fan of chevron, but I liked those colors, and I needed a shower curtain and it was on clearance. The matching hand towels were also on clearance, and they are thicker than the other cute rose-print ones that I wanted. I keep my daily essentials on the counter, and everything else is stored either below the sink or in the cabinets to the right. In addition to a bobby pin, the little tray usually has a hair tie and my ring on it.

{shower curtain + hooks - Target // hand towels - Target // bath towel - Lands' End // bathmat - Target // candle - Whiteout Wicks // melamine berry basket - World Market // toothbrush holder - Target // ring tray - Mexico (gift) // Vitabath lotion - Influenster}

Let's pretend that the frame and the wall are straight, because the frame has now been straightened. All of the postcards here are from Door County, and with the exception of the map one in the lower right, they're all vintage. The frame I took from my mom (it used to hang in our living room with pictures from 2006), and I think it's from Wal-Mart.

{that's washi tape, not painter's tape. it looks kind of trashy in a photo, but much better in person.}

This is the view of the kitchen from the dining room. It's pretty small, and there isn't a whole lot of storage space. There's a dishwasher, but I don't use it, and I would honestly prefer that there was another cabinet there instead.

The kitchen looks into the living room. My landlord calls it an open plan, but I think that the kitchen seems a little more separate.

{Audrey Hepburn calendar - Graphique from World Market // washi tape - Scotch Expressions from Target // KitchenAid Classic stand mixer // cupcake dish towel - Wal-Mart // hot pink knife block and knives/scissors - Farberware from Gordmans // Dr. Seuss printables // Lalaloopsy printables // USA map printable (I colored in the states that I've visited) // circular photo magnets - Social Print Studio}

The living room is empty right now, but I'm hoping to turn this into an office. I'd like to get a desk to go in that corner. The living room and dining room are all one space, so when I wasn't sure if the dining room table was going to fit in the dining room, I was considering putting it in the living room somewhere. My modem and router for internet sit on the bottom part of the end table below the printer.

{Canon PIXMA MG5422 printer - Sam's Club // end table - my mom via my uncle // Fellowes P-12C paper shredder}

I have tried multiple times to get the table cloth to stay flat, but there's some really dried out tape on the table protector that should be retaped. The laundry room is attached to the dining room, which is convenient since I use my computer at the table since that's the only flat surface here right now, and I can work on stuff while I'm waiting for the laundry to be done. The space is also going to be used as a pantry. I bought a shelving unit not too long ago because I was tired of having to reach so high to get stuff from off the shelf. The seahorse really belongs in the bathroom (it was in my great-grandmother's bathroom, and then in the bathroom at my house), but I'm trying to figure out how to hang it with Command strips, since I can't put a nail in the wall. I found a couple nails in the laundry room, so that's how it ended up there.

{sunrise picture - taken by my dad // frame - Target // dining room table and tablecloth - no idea // dining room chairs - Target years ago // washer and dryer - Frigidaire // shelving unit - ShopKo Hometown // seahorse - made in Florida}

The walls were painted right before I moved in, and my landlord said that she thought the color was called Summer Moon, which is a Behr color. The tiling in the entryway and the carpeting in my bedroom are also brand new, in addition to the kitchen faucet.



  1. Your place looks amazing! It's so cute! From the pictures, it looks like it's a pretty decent size! My boyfriend and I are living in a duplex, but we looked at some four-plexes too. It still feels like it's really private, even though there are people living in the same building. I really love what you did with the place. That painting your aunt did is so cute. And everything is so colorful! I just love it. So happy for you! I hope you're loving it!

  2. Very cute! I can't believe you can't use nails to hang anything. My deposits were always kept no matter what I did/didn't do so I ended up just finally hanging my millions of photos at my last apartment. I think your space is very functional and sweet.

  3. I'm sure the apartment will grow over time, and you'll have it decorated the way you've always wanted it to. In any case, thanks for taking the time to give us a tour of your adorable place! It's super spacious, and neatly decorated. I'd really like to see an updated tour soon, Teresa. All the best to you! :)

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer


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