Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NatureBox :: June 2014

I am always anticipating the arrival of my NatureBox! On Thursday, I was sitting at my desk dining room table between jobs when the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone, so I looked out the window to see if I recognized a car outside. I saw the mail truck, so I went to the door, where the mailman had just left my box! Yes! (:

I dug right in and started photographing and snacking. Let's see what I got!

Whole Wheat Strawberry Figgy Bars :: I always enjoy their figgy bars. These ones didn't have a distinct strawberry taste to me though. They taste pretty much the same as the apple pie ones. They're still good though. And the fact that they are whole wheat makes me feel like I'm eating so much healthier. (;

Chocolate Quinoa Granola :: I am a total sucker for granola, and I think that chocolate granola is my favorite. Yum! This one is light and crunchy. The ingredients label says that there are freeze-dried blueberries in here, but you can't even taste them.

Chia Seed Crackers :: Chia seeds are supposed to be healthy, right? I've been putting some raw chia seeds in my smoothies, but now I ran out so I'll have to find some more. I actually originally bought them at Home Goods (TJ Maxx)! These crackers contain sesame seeds (not my favorite) as well, but you can't really taste them. I don't really know how to describe these crackers. For some reason, I thought that they were going to be cheese-flavored, but they're not. They're just crackers.

Big Island Pineapple :: I'm really weird about pineapple. It's because there was this one time when I was at an airport, and I got breakfast from Starbucks. I got a fruit cup and a croissant, but there was just way too much pineapple in the fruit cup, and I think that was the last time I ate fresh pineapple like that. These dried pineapple rings are great! They're really sweet and chewy.

Sea Salt Pop Pops :: My first thought about these was disappointment because I had just bought and opened a bag of Boom Chicka Pop (which is really delicious popcorn). Then I read the description on the bag and was confused, thinking that these were popcorn kernels, as in those super hard unpopped things at the bottom of a bag of popcorn. I think that they should change that description to "sea salted popped corn kernels." These are super delicious, light and sweet slightly salted popped corn kernels. They're just as good as Boom Chicka Pop, but very different.


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  1. Mmmm that chocolate granola looks yurmy.


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