Thursday, May 22, 2014

Door County summer bucket list 2014

It's almost summer, and I've been thinking about what I want to do this summer, and I wanted to make sure that I have it written down somewhere where I can refer to it later! You might recognize a few of these from last year's list!

This isn't a sponsored post; there are links here to direct you to some of my favorite places in Door County!

{2013 summer bucket list}

1. go horseback riding. {probably at Kurtz Corral in Carlsville} no excuses!

2. watch the sunset on the water. I would say sunrise or sunset, but I think we all know that I'm not going to get up that early. there are so many great yet easy places for this on the bay side, and Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor has some killer lakeside sunset views too. on the Green Bay (sunset) side, I usually go to the Door County Boat Launch on Cty B, but there are some other spots along the water in Egg Harbor, Ephraim, and Sister Bay that would have good views. my Lake Michigan side (sunrise) favorite is Portage Park, but there would also be Whitefish Dunes and Cave Point, plus locations in Jacksonport and Baileys Harbor.

3. pizza at Wild Tomato in Fish Creek. I went here once, probably five years ago, and I remember it being really good. people always have great things to say about their wood-fired pizza.

4. Disney/Pixar movie marathon. okay, maybe not a marathon, but I still haven't seen Frozen, Enchanted, Tangled, and Toy Story 3. there are probably some other good ones that I haven't seen! the last movie I saw in a theater was Cars 2, and I haven't really watched many movies since around that time. I would also love to watch a movie at the Skyway Drive-In in Fish Creek!

I was going to also include some of my other favorite Door County places and experiences, but it got to be a bit long! (:


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  1. Horseback riding! I've always wanted to do that on the beach. I love watching sunsets. So gorgeous! I don't get up early enough for sunrises either. Not a morning person at all. Disney/Pixar marathon. YESSSSS! I want to do that too. I need to add it to my list.


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