Monday, March 30, 2015

Door County :: March 2015

I was able to take a few drives and a walk out photographing this month. Here's a look into what it's been like around here. (:

I drove out to Door County Boat Launch (also known as the quarry) on Monday the ninth and got to see the sunset. It was finally warming up on that day, so it was in the forties. There were some other people there taking pictures, including an actual photographer with a tripod and some people with their cell phones. I was annoyed about the car that pulled up, let out a passenger who took one picture, and then when she got back in the car, they drove away. It was beautiful and I'm glad I went.

I took a drive that Wednesday, the eleventh, and the first place I stopped was this orchard. I think it was Choice Orchards, but I'm not sure. I don't even know if those are cherry or apple trees. It seemed that there were a lot of trees that had been partially cut down.

I drove north to Ephraim, and this picture is from Anderson Dock. The water was still partially frozen and there was still enough snow. This is why I like to wear riding boots, and was so glad to not be wearing Converse.

I looped back through on my way into Sturgeon Bay to get a picture of this house on Peterson Road that I drove by earlier. I just love old houses. There were some other run down buildings that I want to take pictures of, but at least one of them is on the main highway, and probably wouldn't be too safe to do.

On Monday the sixteenth, I headed out to Portage Park to get some pictures since the sky started to clear a little bit. I ended up only going to this overlook of the canal, and the sky stayed grey. The bottom picture was taken with a disposable camera, it wasn't edited except to add a watermark.

I did quite a bit of driving and walking around on Monday the 23rd. My first stop was the Lily Bay Boat Launch on Lake Michigan. The sky and the waters just looked so pretty. It reminded me of Florida, honestly.

This one is from Whitefish Bay Road in Valmy. I just really love old buildings.

A few hours later, after teaching at the Y, I decided that I would try to drive up to Egg Harbor to see the sunset. This abandoned house on Highway 42 just looked so perfect in the light, and there wasn't a lot of traffic, so I parked on the side of the road and took some pictures here. I decided that I couldn't make it up there for the sunset, so I headed downtown instead.

I just have such a great love for the sky and clouds I guess. I took some pictures on the steel bridge (Michigan Street/Memorial/old bridge, whichever you prefer), before walking over to the Maple-Oregon (new) bridge two blocks over.

These boats are being worked on (I think?) at CenterPointe Yacht Services.

This barge, Texas, was docked here for a few months or so after hitting the Maple-Oregon bridge as it was (I believe) leaving. I noticed that it was gone just two days after I took this picture, and that was when I noticed how blue the building behind it is now.

I wasn't planning on putting captions after all of the pictures in this segment, it just kind of happened. I made a loop over the bridges to get back to where I had parked my car, and I loved how the sun was right behind the granary to take this picture with the tugboats and the steel bridge.

 I have taken many a tour on this fireboat, and I love that this photograph looks like a painting.

This might be my favorite picture from the night though.



  1. Great photos girls. I really love all the ones looking up at the bridge and clouds... the sky was awesome that night!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! You need to frame those and get them up on the wall!


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