Thursday, March 12, 2015

10/52 2015

I got out and took some photos this week, which means that I should edit some of them for a blog post. (: I'll go work on that instead of rambling here because I don't really remember what else happened this week...

Thursday 5 March // day sixty-four :: breakfast.

Friday 6 March // day sixty-five :: I always thought that it was interesting that my dad's T looks like a 7.

Saturday 7 March // day sixty-six :: this is what happens if you forget to take a picture before work. I really love this shirt though.

Sunday 8 March // day sixty-seven :: how to get the kids to like you more. alternate title: things to bring to church.

Monday 9 March // day sixty-eight :: I am so in love with these Chimes. it's been months since I've had them, so it was nice to pick up some more!

Tuesday 10 March // day sixty-nine :: happy birthday to the late, great Chris Aaron. we love and miss you so much! my first favorite song of his was Blue Highway, and I Love You will always make me cry.

Wednesday 11 March // day seventy :: I went out for a drive during the afternoon. here is Luna parked at a cherry orchard.


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