Thursday, March 5, 2015

9/52 2015

another average week over here, including bitter cold following a snowfall. my sister and her husband were up for their baby shower this weekend, so I got to see them for a little bit before I went to work. most of the time that I haven't been at work has been spent on a major reorganization of my iPhoto library, because I totally slacked off on naming faces for probably two years, which is terrible when you can go to two shows in a weekend and take 1500 pictures between the two days. needless to say, it's been super fun. I only have a year to go before I'm caught up though, so I've made a lot of progress!!

Thursday 26 February // day fifty-seven :: I can't say that I'm a big fan of eating just raisins, but I really like the raisins in this trail mix from Sam's Club.

Friday 27 February // day fifty-eight :: picking out clothes for tomorrow.

Saturday 28 February // day fifty-nine :: that's my niece in there.

Sunday 1 March // day sixty :: I so love this calendar and the bright colors of the neon every month.

Monday 2 March // day sixty-one :: new wallpapers from May Designs

Tuesday 3 March // day sixty-two :: snowfall.

Wednesday 4 March // day sixty-three :: picture books are my favorite {Wolfie the Bunny}


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