Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NatureBox :: March 2015

It's come to this point with NatureBox that I've tried most of the snacks that I think I will like, so I've started getting some of my favorites again. (: I so wish that I could buy these at the grocery store, but then again getting them in the mail once a month does make it more special.

The two new snacks that I got this month were both chocolate!
Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pops {limited edition} and Chocolate Chia Granola

Chocolate Chia Granola :: I had just had lunch when the mail came, so I just tested the two new ones that day. This chocolate granola is so good! I thought that I had had this before once I tasted it, but it was the Chocolate Quinoa Granola that I was thinking of. Anyway, it's chocolate granola and I haven't seen any chia seeds, but I wasn't looking too hard and I'm sure they're in there.

"The combination of organic whole rolled oats, chia seeds and cocoa powder will take you back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and crunchy, chocolatey cereal. Whole grain oats and chia seeds offer fiber, while cocoa and a touch of sweetness round out this sinfully guilt-free snack."

(Yes, it really does taste like chocolate cereal.)

Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pops :: It says on the package that these are limited edition, but there is no explanation of how limited that is, and it seems that NatureBox rotates their snacks somehow. I'm getting off track, I know. The way some of these look makes me laugh. Basically, they're cocoa covered pretzels. They're a little too dark of a chocolate flavor for me, but they aren't bad!

"You’ve had an early dinner so you feel the evening snack attack start to set in. Grab a handful (or two!) of this sweet and slightly savory snack. Rich dark chocolate flavor combines with the salty crunch of pretzels for the ultimate treat."

Granny Smith Apples :: I first had these in October 2013, and I still love them. I just really love dried fruits, especially apples, which are definitely one of my favorite fruits. The one ingredient in this snack is apples, so you know that it must be good for you!

"Our tart and chewy apple rings will help you naturally replenish your energy. With no added sugars, these are a great portable snack that the whole family will love."

Masa Crisps :: Back in September 2013, I got my first NatureBox, and this was one of the included snacks. These will always be one of my favorites. They taste like Fritos, but are likely much much better for you. Plus, they're adorable.

"It'€™s no secret that your salty cravings can easily be triggered by the memory of eating something deliciously savory or by the smell of fried foods. A handful of these crisps will quickly satisfy the salty bite you crave without weighing you down."

Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps :: I had these not too long ago, in October, but I couldn't stop thinking about them! They have the perfect cheese flavor and are light but crunchy at the same time. They also kind of look like bacon...

"When nothing but a savory crunch will do, these Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps will save you from an unwanted trip to the vending machine. Nosh on them at your desk or in the car, or sneak them into the movie theater. Snack on them on their own or coarsely crumble them over salads!"


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