Thursday, March 26, 2015

12/52 2015

well, the weather here in Door County has been a bit bipolar (for lack of a better word) this week. I think it got up to 54 on Friday, and then it snowed early Wednesday morning, then melted that day. it's been between 20-50 all week, and I am just ready for spring! I am really tired of pulling feathers off my clothes every time I take my coat off.

Thursday 19 March // day seventy-eight :: stepped out onto my balcony for the first time this year to take a few pictures because the sky looked nice. (:

Friday 20 March // day seventy-nine :: am I the only one who is ridiculously annoyed when candles melt and then cool like this?

Saturday 21 March // day eighty :: I really love this photo that I took a few Decembers ago. I think it's from 2012.

Sunday 22 March // day eighty-one :: cookie in a cup supplies (:

Monday 23 March // day eighty-two :: I did quite a bit of driving around and taking pictures of things today. here's a shot of Lake Michigan at the Lily Bay Boat Launch. (:

Tuesday 24 March // day eighty-three :: responding to happy mail. {I keep stamps, notecards, stickers, etc. in the cigar box purse.}

Wednesday 25 March // day eighty-four :: oh look, now we have snow. actually, most of it had melted five hours later. gotta love living on the lake!


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