Friday, June 5, 2015

around the web 5.6.2015

and so summer 2015 begins tomorrow for me. it always comes in full swing with a lot of fun and craziness. I spent this week taking a few more pictures than I have been lately, and I also got to hang out with Sherman.

this one is a few weeks old now, but I have a bit of an attachment to Starwood properties (since I'm a member of their Starwood Preferred Guests program & I fell in love with their properties after a project in Hospitality Facilities Management a few years ago), so I love that they are working with some independent hotels for Tribute Portfolio, because I also believe that independent small businesses are the way to go!

I'm sure every Mean Girls fan has already seen the deleted scene that's been circulating again lately, but just in case you haven't, here it is!

Crew Poetry on Late Night with Seth Meyers - the audience controller's was my favorite (:

I am so in love with this outfit!

ModCloth picks of the week

I am so in love with tulle skirts, like this peach one. look at this pretty bottle opener! these ballet flats are super pretty! you always need another cute cosmetic bag, right? just look at this little bank, it is so adorable! if I needed a wedding dress today, this would be it.


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  1. I hope your summer will be good.
    That cat picture is lovely!!!


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