Thursday, June 11, 2015

23/52 2015

I love having the lights of my life here this week, but I am too tired to write about how wonderful it has been! Here are some pictures instead.

Thursday 4 June // day one hundred sixty-five :: this is one of those "about to leave for work and I forgot to take a picture" pictures. the stacks of preschool books on my floor.

Friday 5 June // day one hundred sixty-six :: gifts from Mackinac Island.

Saturday 6 June // day one hundred sixty-seven :: writing in my planner and five-year journal is an important part of every morning for me.

Sunday 7 June // day one hundred sixty-eight :: Tony's Nixon mask with Rick's Canon and pocket whiskey.

Monday 8 June // day one hundred sixty-nine :: Barrett's bass looks beautiful in the lobby.

Tuesday 9 June // day one hundred seventy :: good job Cash <3

Wednesday 10 June // day one hundred seventy-one :: Vee and his cup of sunshine.


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