Friday, July 10, 2015

around the web 10.7.2015

it was another busy week around here, with some fun trips with the preschoolers exploring Sturgeon Bay. (: the weather has been beautiful as well. I can deal with the 70's, but then it gets a little too hot for me!


are you still trying to figure out the hearts and stars in the new iTunes? me too, but this article helped.

this quiz testing your knowledge of the states (based on their outlines) was way harder than I thought it would be. I ended up getting 37/50 on my second try (33 the first time).

BuzzFeed tells the truth about DuoLingo (:

I love Skreened so much. here's a shirt that I need. also this one.

I need this unicorn.

ModCloth picks of the week

this skirt is so pretty! I would love to use these pencils with these notecards. we all know how much I love tulle skirts like this one! if this shirt was black with white, I would totally buy it. I love this green peacock feather scarf. this plum dress is quite classic and pretty.


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