Friday, July 3, 2015

around the web 3.7.2015

it's been a few weeks since I've done one of these because I was so busy that I was barely looking at the internet! so the first way I tried to catch up was by looking through pages of new things on ModCloth... (:

all the cute things!

this article brought me back to a Sunday night a couple weeks ago. whoops.

I'm looking into some more tattoo designs... (: this bee isn't for me, but it is pretty cute!

I laughed too hard looking at these comics about America (;

ModCloth picks of the Week

ah! I love this pretty blue dress, this beautiful black dress, and another blue dress! if I needed a corkscrew, this would be the one I would buy. to this shirt I say yes. a pretty grey skirt. these feather drawer pulls are fun! this amp bento box would be perfect for any of my adult children! a mermaid salt and pepper shaker set!! I don't wear a lot of jewelry (just a pair of earrings and a ring), but I kind of want to buy myself this necklace. these drinking glasses are super pretty. if I had $200 to blow, it would be on this super pretty dress! yet another perfect dress. this feather tee is totally something I would wear. I am in love with this peacock feather scarf!


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