Thursday, July 23, 2015

29/52 2015

this summer sure is flying right by... it's been pretty busy for me, but I managed to sneak in a couple drives to just drive - and take a few pictures.

World Market shopping tote

Thursday 16 July // day two hundred seven :: I bought this bag at World Market, after wanting to buy it last summer and then I finally saw it there again!

charcoal Converse All Stars

Friday 17 July // day two hundred eight :: Converse of the day. (:

raspberry Converse All Stars Yankee Candle vanilla cupcake

Saturday 18 July // day two hundred nine :: new car air freshener + Converse of the day.

Crosley vintage dial phone

Sunday 19 July // day two hundred ten :: doing a little room photography.

celery flower
celery rainbow fish preschool craft

Monday 20 July // day two hundred eleven :: I was cutting celery for a project for my summer preschool class, and I realized at the end that it looked like a flower! directions for our rainbow fish can be found here.

Tuesday 21 July // day two hundred twelve :: farm week!

Wednesday 22 July // day two hundred thirteen :: took a drive for some photos after getting done at the Y (:


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