Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: June 2015

I don't understand how June is over already, meaning that the year is half over! June is always a very crazy busy month, but it's also wonderful. some of my sweet friends come to visit for a week of music and fun, which always happens to be the same week that we are getting ready for camp at the Y. everything went really well with the musicians, and camp is going great as well. I even got to spend some extra time with one of the guys before he headed home.

I feel like I am just babbling, so here are some pictures.

c'est juin.

wedding season.

peeking into a vintage candy machine.

camp room prep.

temporary lobby accessory. at least I only tripped over it once.

trying to escape.

semi-twinning with my semi-twin DanO. we are incapable of taking a nice picture together.

some more camp room peeks!

{The Day the Crayons Quit // Mix It Up! // Press Here // Stuck // The Dot}

broken limbs on the poor tiger.

Geri X at the Red Room! (:

....and then four days later more Geri X in Green Bay with some friends!

Jameson from some sweet friends who know me best now (shocking them all) and a flower from the night before. <3 some say I'm twitterpating.

tourist season means that I waited about twenty minutes for a scoop of ice cream from Wilson's.

I'm not quite sure what this brown rectangular prism is... (:

taking one of my new favorite people down to the airport. sigh. they can't stay here forever. <3

Clark Lake with the littles.

life with musicians.

professional artwork hanger.


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