Thursday, July 9, 2015

27/52 2015

I feel like every week I just talk about how time is flying by, but that's really how it has been lately! it was a fun weekend getting to see some friends from out of town in between all of the craziness lately!

Thursday 2 July // day one hundred ninety-three :: ah, July.

Friday 3 July // day one hundred ninety-four :: I got some great mail the day before from Social Print Studio! (: this is now hanging in my kitchen, and the Jameson has still yet to be opened. haha.

Saturday 4 July // day one hundred ninety-five :: I love decorating my notebooks with this stickers from SPS!

Sunday 5 July // day one hundred ninety-six :: I helped out at the merch table a little bit for my friends WIFEE and the HUZz Band at the Independence Day celebration the night before, and I ended up being sent home with this bag of kettle corn because the band was given like eight bags so that the kettle corn cowboys didn't have to throw them away!

Monday 6 July // day one hundred ninety-seven :: running errands. Burt's Bees & Frozen Lip Smackers from Target + some books for camp!

Tuesday 7 July // day one hundred ninety-eight :: Frozen Lip Smackers!!! (:

Wednesday 8 July // day one hundred ninety-nine :: I love seeing my name in other people's handwriting. thanks for the new cd, Bruce! (:


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