Friday, July 31, 2015

around the web :: 31.7.2015

there are lots of BuzzFeed discoveries from a lazy Saturday morning. (:

I realized that lately the only posts I've been posting are the weekly 365 photo posts and these around the web posts (along with monthly NatureBox and Instagram posts), and I would really love to blog more about random things, but it's just been so crazy lately and this summer has certainly flown by. I know that August will slow things down a little bit though (at the very end), and I hope to get in some other posts before then.

Lake Michigan - Wednesday 29 July 2015

one of my favorite blogs to follow is The Dainty Squid. I always love seeing her photography (especially travel and abandoned buildings), and she always has such fun things in her Friday favorites posts! I love these skeleton kitchen gloves Kaylah shared last week!

Frenchie fabric!!! I am so in love!!!

I love this pouch more than I should.

I really do love Picasso's sketches, so I found a lot of these tattoos to be beautiful. the Bouquet of Peace one is my favorite.

we have to wait until Christmas to see this movie?!

well, we all know about my love for Disney princesses, but I can't get over these illustrations!


I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I really want one of these necklaces!

Emojis IRL.

my birthday is in just over a week, and I would love this peridot print!

ModCloth picks of the week

this gold star mug screams my name, but I don't need (or have space for) any more mugs. this burgundy pleated skirt would look great in my closet. ahh! this cassette notebook! these booties are cute. if I had a flask, it would be this camera-shaped one.


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