Friday, October 16, 2015

around the web :: 16.10.2015

here are a few things from the internet that I found interesting/amusing during the past two weeks.

I'm part of that generation that watches SNL on their computers during the week. in fact, I didn't even start watching SNL until about eight months or so ago, and I devoured every episode I could on Hulu. I was so excited to see the special Live from New York episode that aired right before the season 41 premiere, since I have just fallen so in love with the show. it was great to learn about some more history of the show and there were some nice interviews with some of my favorites (Fred, Seth, Amy, Maya, Tina, Andy, Lorne...) too.

I have spoken many times of my deep love for Social Print Studio (for printing photos, magnets, photo books, etc.), and they are now offering their office space on airbnb as a place to stay in San Francisco! what a unique experience!
via World Market

I kind of really need these skull shot glasses, and they have some other skull and sugar skull glassware that I have my eye on, even though there is no more storage space in my tiny kitchen for more glasses. {since the time that I put this in here, I not only ordered them, but they also arrived.}

some food styling tips.

Wildest Dreams has always been my favorite song from 1989, so I finally decided to look and see if there was a music video to go with it. (Because I am always so out of touch on these things.) I love the old Hollywood glamour of the video.

oh my goodness, this little girl and her costumes are adorable!


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