Thursday, October 15, 2015

41/52 :: 2015

it's been a week. here are more photos. today is going to be a hard day, and my brain is dead.

Thursday October 8 // day two hundred eighty-one :: looks like rain.

Friday October 9 // day two hundred eighty-two :: I was really impatient and opened one of these before the picture... (: {post here}

Saturday October 10 // day two hundred eighty-three :: the piles grow and shrink every day.

Sunday October 11 // day two hundred eighty-four :: the night before, one of our guests literally gave me the scarf off of her neck.

Monday October 12 // day two hundred eighty-five :: exploring autumn.

Tuesday October 13 // day two hundred eighty-six :: things waiting at the library on Monday.

{The Clasp // Gold Fame Citrus // After the Parade}

Wednesday October 14 // day two hundred eighty-seven :: a lot of my day was spent reading The Clasp.


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