Monday, October 5, 2015

the month by iPhone :: September 2015

usually I am pretty good about putting these posts together throughout the month, adding pictures a few at a time, but this time I totally forgot until the 29th, maybe even the 30th! it was a pretty busy month with the start of school (and therefore classes at the Y), Labor Day, busy days at the motel, and my niece's baptism. here's to the beginning of fall!

back to gymnastics, and dressing the part for once. leggings are not pants, but they are so comfortable! {Nikes}

I love reflection photos, and when I put this picture here, I realized that it was a reflection in a reflection...

Labor Day horseback riding at Kurtz Corral! Rocky wasn't too happy at the end of the ride because I missed the part about where I was supposed to save a treat for him for after the ride. whoops.

exploring and making new friends.

schoolhouse circa 1901 in Southern Door.

my Instagram is set to private because I am constantly taking pictures at work. 99% of my pictures are posted in real time and I geotag as much as I can because I love that map feature. I am so lucky to work at this amazing place surrounded by so much vintage beauty (and so many wonderful people).

if anyone is looking for a giant Ponderosa sign, I will tell you where to find this one in Algoma, WI.

I love Chronicle Books for all their wonderful things like this Anywhere Travel Guide.

I love coloring.

this is the corn maze at Schopf's Hilltop Dairy View, at least the street view.

more vintage Simmons furniture, of course.

I just love children's books the best.

{Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast // Dragons Love Tacos // Rude Cakes}

sugar skull love.

I really love pillow pictures more than I should.

my great aunt drives a Beetle too (:

of course I decided to wear leggings and boots with my dress (because it is fall) on a day that turned out to be pretty warm.

a dirty Luna (yikes at those wheels) with freshly polished headlights.

shopping at Blue Ivy to use a birthday gift certificate. gotta love the Kate Spade quote! (:

weird things in my car courtesy of my father.


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