Thursday, October 29, 2015

43/52 :: 2015

I can't believe that there are less than ten weeks left of the year... time sure is just flying by. I always do my best to get posts up on the blog long before nine in the morning, but I can't quite make that happen today. my schedule is totally thrown off this week, and so I was editing this morning after getting up later than usual...

Thursday 22 October // day two hundred ninety-five :: pinkened apple and Gold Fame Citrus.

Friday 23 October // day two hundred ninety-six :: prep for the next preschool class. my love of Halloween will be very visible around the blog for a few posts, I'm sure.

Saturday 24 October // day two hundred ninety-seven :: Halloween decorations to bring to the motel! I just love Halloween <3

Sunday 25 October // day two hundred ninety-eight :: I taped this up just to have it fall right back down. my wonderful manager drilled holes in it so that it can stay up. (we are closed for a private event this week.)

Monday 26 October // day two hundred ninety-nine :: this is Bruce. he is contemplating a Halloween costume.

Tuesday 27 October // day three hundred :: this is Mike. he is writing a song.

Wednesday 28 October // day three hundred one :: the perfect mug that I bought for CMFB. (: <3


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